Iron Man

The Slobs talk Iron Man! Demon in a Bottle, Extremis, movies and more! News on the latest trailers, Venom, Deadpool 2, and Avengers: Infinity War, plus news on Shazam! Memes, Emails and unorganized comic book rants!

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A Wholly-Owned Disney Subsidiary

The Slobs talk about Disney acquiring Marvel! Comic book reviews of Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, Giants #1, and Judas #1

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Dungeon Slobs: 2 The Adventure Continues…

The Adventure continues on as the Slobs play their version of Dungeons & Dragons. After a quick recap and house keeping, we break into character [3:00]. The team explores their new base of operations, investigate their employer, & find time to party before starting the next outing. [40:00] The Team teleport┬áto investigate the missing villagers. There’s glamour shots, new D-mon to befriend, and mysteries to solve!

The heroes rush into the final battle [1:10:00]. We wrap up with Rewards [2:33:00] and then end the adventure with some contact info

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plus. here’s the “troll sack” we spoke of