Ultimate Spider-Man

It’s the 75th Slobtacular Special with a gross amount of guests. It takes 10 minutes just to introduce everybody! News [15:00] covers the only thing Looper ever did right, the upcoming Midnighter & Apollo limited series, and where to get Suicide Squad clothes at your local mall! MEME OF THE WEEK [34:54] Pull List Picks [50:30] is a guest filled spectacular. We Catch up on Ultimate Spider-Man [1:37:03]. Then the latest e-mails[1:57:30]. We shut it down, but you best believe after the Amazing Kill-O-Watts we have more funny stuff.



Meme(s) of the Week

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Pull List Picks

  • Spider-man / Deadpool #6 [52:25] Scott Aukerman, Reilly Brown
  • Dark Knight III: Master Race#5 [1:02:39] Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Adam Kubert, Klaus Janson,
  • Archie #8 [1:12:25] Mark Waid, Veronica Fish
  • Red Sonja #5 [1:18:30] Marguerite Bennett, Aneke
  • Spider-man #4 [1:23:45] Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli
  • Plutona #5 [1:29:30] Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox, Jordie Belaire


Catching Up On Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man – Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley




Secret Segment [2:10:15] Shut It Down[2:25:34]

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