The Slobs talk about their favorites! News about Fantastic Four returning to comics! Then the Slobs share their favorite comics, past and present! Plus memes and corners and unorganized rants!

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Comic Slobs: 69 Drinkin’ Wine


This week is a mess with comic reviews and emails. The Slobs drunkenly compare Final Fantasy X to the NFL,  before getting into our sloppy News. The Slobs talk about News [17:30], Free Comics [58:00] , Roberto Jones: The One % [1:13:53], and Catch up on The Wake [1:24:50]. Plus emails [1:44:55] for both us, and Pop Culture Leftovers!

We cover our brand of news, including the success of Captain America Civil War, X-men Apocalypse reviews, Disney Games, and the Meme of the Week!


We discuss our favorites from Free Comic Book Day, and Roberto Jones: The One % by Kaare Kyle Andrews, and the latest on The Island


We Catch Up On – The Wake by Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy


Then we catch up on a whole bunch of E-mails! We address a couple awesome messages from Hyatt Sutton and Greg Aulenti, then get to the pile of letters from the Flop Vulture blarmy. It’s all in good fun, thanks for the naughty and nice letters! It’s been a fun show! Stick around after the end music for more goofing off. You know, like what Marvel movies do, except this is a podcast.


We’ll be off next week for a convention. So see everyone in 2 weeks!

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