End of the Year Fun

The Comic Slobs end the year with comic book talk! Rick and Morty, God Complex, Void Trip, and Doomsday Clock! Stan Lee’s birthday! Plus plans for 2018! All this plus memes, corners, and iTunes reviews!

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This week the Comic Slobs watch the Watchmen. …or did they read the Watchmen? It’s our Watchmen episode! After this episode we’re going on break for a couple weeks. There will be something coming every week, so subscribe for the build up to episode 100!

Comic News! [5:05] The latest Justice League images are discussed. What does Ben Affleck have to say about his upcoming Batman movie? Vincent D’onofrio brings up the Moon Knight movie. Marvel announces a new Defenders comic and we get a first look at the Defenders cast of the upcoming Netflix series! Then we argue about Memes during Meme of the Week [21:08]

Catching Up On Comics [24:46] is all about the Watchmen! We explain the 1987 comic classic, Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave GibbonsWe rant about why it’s our favorite comic, the characters, the themes, the movie, everything! It’s a long discussion about all things Watchmen

Then we share your E-mails! [1:48:25] There’s a Secret Segment [2:08:10] Then we wrap up the show, thank everyone, and have some bloopers afterwards! Thanks for listening!

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