The Slobs talk Thanos! Everything about the Mad Titan, his origin, Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Imperative, and more! Plus news on the Titans tv series, and Karl Urban as Batman!

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Comic Slobs: 95 Beers on the Wall

The Slobs serve up sick burns while attempting a comic book review show. We read your iTunes reviews [4:00], then present the new segment, Sick Burns [9:00], discuss Comic News [15:00], argue about the Meme of the Week [42:00], Pull List Picks [48:15], Steve discovers Bad Comics [1:27:00], then we read your Emails [1:35:45] before we fall apart and end the show

It’s a pretty chaotic show, and we’re only 15 minutes in. The Slobs argue over the upcoming second season of Luke Cage. Then Greg insists on talking about some new fast food commercial. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 trailer is discussed with ratings. Greg takes over news then, and discusses Sega properties coming to movies and television. Meme of the Week discuss the Boys in Blue, the difference of social media, and their favorite Porn Hub related jokes. If you’re curious about the Giant Brian McAllister video, here it is:

Attack of the Giant Brian McAllister from Nick Greenlee on Vimeo.

Pull List Picks

  • [50:00] Flash #11   Joshua Williamson, Davide Gianfelice
  • [59:15] Providence #11   Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows
  • [1:03:51] Cannibal #1   Brian Buccellato, Jennifer Young, Matias Bergara
  • [1:10:58] The Realist Asaf Hanuka
  • [1:18:08] Green Lanterns #12 Sam Humphries, 

During Bad Comics Steve brings up Uber Invasion by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Gete.

During E-mails we go off on tangents about Dr. Doom, Iron Man, X-men, Inhumans, and what we’re about to eat, after saving the planet. Thanks to Brandon and Storm for the e-mails! you can contact the Slobs too!

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