The End

The Slobs put on one last episode! We reminisce about our time podcasting over the years. We also discuss Action Comics #1000, and C2E2 adventures!

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We Do C2E2!

The Slobs talk C2E2! It’s the night before the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. What do the Slobs plan on doing? Who’s going to be there? What’s getting signed? The unorganized geeks talk about their plans for C2E2 2018!

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Shirtless Bear Fighter

The Slobs are reunited to talk comics! We discuss the news around Spider-Man:Homecoming and Venom movies, and the Watchmen tv series. We discuss God Country, I Hate Fairyland, and the DC Looney Tunes crossover specials. Plus catch up on Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures. Then an E-mail about Shirtless Bear Fighter!

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The Slobs are back! Our vulgar voices share iTunes reviews [7:34], Comic News [13:11], Meme of the Week [31:55], Pull List Picks [35:50], Catching Up On Comics [43:20], Steve’s Corner [1:10:52], and we read your E-mails [1:15:55] before a secret segment.

News covers the reviews of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Zack Snyder leaving Justice League and Joss Whedon stepping in, Tom Hardy cast as Venom, Venomverse comic event, and a conspiracy about Gotham.

Meme of the Week

Pull List Picks

  • [36:09] Paklis #1 Dustin Weaver
  • [39:14] I Hate Image Skottie Young, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Catching Up On Comics is a discussion on all things Venom, Spider-Man’s villain of nearly 30 years and the many Symbiote spin offs. Steve’s Corner covers sweet rock concerts. Emails includes Superhero Car Salesmen, Batman Documentaries, One Piece, and Cosplay at Conventions! Thanks for listening!

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Secret Empire

The Slobs talk about the latest Comics! There’s iTunes reviews [6:40], Comic News [8:15], Meme of the Week [20:08], Pull List Picks [22:20], Steve’s Corner [48:35], E-mails [55:40], Secret Segments [1:07:15], all in this unorganized comic book podcast!

News is all about Netflix’s Defenders, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Free Comic Book Day and more!

Meme of the Week

Pull List Picks


  • [22:33] Secret Empire #01 Nick Spencer, Steve McNiven
  • [31:02] Green Lanterns #22 Sam Humphries, Ronan Cliquet
  • [40:00] Deadpool vs. the Punisher #1 & 2 Fred Van Lente, Pere Perez
  • [44:15] One Piece Eiichiro Oda

Plus we talk a lot about One Piece. Hope you enjoy all the secrets!

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The Button

The Slobs talk comics; from Aliens: Dead Orbit, Super Sons, Batman and more! We share iTunes Reviews [5:06], Comic News [10:07], Meme of the Week [18:40], Pull List Picks [21:41], Steve’s Corner [42:53], Emails [46:20], and a Secret Segment before we end.

News covers the upcoming Doritos bags playing Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 soundtrack songs, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite the upcoming video game, Jeff Goldblum, and The Miz wanting to play Booster Gold.

Pull List Picks

  • [21:57] Shaolin Cowboy #1 Geoff Darrow, Dave Stewart
  • [26:11] Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 James Stokoe
  • [29:55] Super Sons #3 Peter Tomasi, Jorge Jiminez
  • [34:41] Batman #21 Tom King, Jason Fabok
  • [39:36] The Flash #21 Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter

Steve’s Corner is about Jason Todd and the Red Hood, while Emails covers Fantastic Four, Ultimate Marvel, and Super Hero Uber drivers. Thanks for listening.

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Twas the night before C2E2 and the Slobs share their stories about comic conventions, comic books and more. with special guest Jon, from Friday Night Fandom! Subscribe for more C2E2 episodes to come through out the weekend! contact the slobs!, or tweet us @Comic_Slobs


The Comic Slobs take on Logan! We share iTunes reviews [2:42] and discuss the giveaway, Logan [7:50], Comic Book News [36:43], Meme of the Week [47:35], Pull List Picks [51:18], and share your e-mails [1:07:54].

The Slobs discuss Fox’s latest mutant motion picture, Logan! What did we think of Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie? Who is an outspoken X-23 fan?

News covers the latest on Thor: Ragnarok as well as Iron Fist reactions before the premier. Meanwhile Memes discuss classic wrestling chants that have withstood the test of time. What?!

Pull List Picks

  • [51:52] Headlopper #5 Andrew MacLean
  • [54:25] I Hate Fairyland #11 Skottie Young, Jean-Francois Beaulieu 
  • [58:13] Doctor Strange #18 Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo
  • [1:01:00] Amazing Spider-Man #25 Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen

We share an e-mail and discuss Invincible, New Mutants, and Overwatch! Then we wrap up the show.

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