The Slobs talk Thanos! Everything about the Mad Titan, his origin, Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Imperative, and more! Plus news on the Titans tv series, and Karl Urban as Batman!

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Comic Slobs: 90 The Walking Dead

It’s a Monster Mash as the Slobs are joined by new guest, Nick to discuss Luke Cage, The Walking Dead, and more comic conversations gone chaotic. We start the show off reading iTunes reviews [5:10] and drawing a winner for our comic giveaway. We discuss Netflix’s Luke Cage [10:14], Comic News [35:19], Meme of the Week [47:41], Pull List Pick [54:45], Catching up on Comics [1:05:45], Secrets [2:02:00], Thank yous [2:08:20], and Outtakes [2:13:15]

lukecagenetflixNetflix’s Luke Cage is revisited. We discuss our favorite and most hated moments of the series. Discuss Easter Eggs and similarities to the comic books. Compare the Netflix Marvel series to each other, and what we have to look forward to.

News covers the upcoming X-men relaunch [35:55]. The new Blue and Gold titles and other titles to come or Marvel’s mutants. Tim Miller is leaving Deadpool 2 [39:17]. Then we attempt to have a moment for the late Steve Dillon, artist of Preacher, Hellblazer, Punisher and more.

Meme of the Week [47:41] is a spooky addition highlighting the art of Jack Chick. Speaking of conservative christian comics against the joys of Dungeons & Dragons, next week is the second adventure of the Dungeon Slobs!



Pull List Picks is where we discuss comics we’ve read in the recent weeks. Brian explains¬†Ultimates #12 by Al Ewing and Christian Ward [55:05]. Ryan explains¬†Descender #16¬† by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen [57:34].


Catching Up on Comics covers The Walking Dead. We discuss the latest happenings of the tv show [1:05:42], then catch you up on the comic [1:16:20]. Ryan explains the build up to the Whisperer War, the big event happening currently in The Walking Dead comics. We also fall back to comparing the show to the comic, our favorite moments from the show, and fall completely off the rails and discuss Game of Thrones.


We take on a few e-mails from listeners. Plus a special video from Schuette and Marable! Congrats to Chris Staebell for winning our first ever comic giveaway! If you want to contact the slobs: Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch @Comic_Slobs, or find us on Facebook. We’ll read your e-mails on the show, send them to Help us out and leave us a review on iTunes, we’ll read those too! Thanks for listening!

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