The 3rd Annual Breisners

The Breisners is the most prestigious annual award show put on by any podcast. The Comic Slobs rate anything and everything from our 2017 shows!

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The Slobs are back! Our vulgar voices share iTunes reviews [7:34], Comic News [13:11], Meme of the Week [31:55], Pull List Picks [35:50], Catching Up On Comics [43:20], Steve’s Corner [1:10:52], and we read your E-mails [1:15:55] before a secret segment.

News covers the reviews of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Zack Snyder leaving Justice League and Joss Whedon stepping in, Tom Hardy cast as Venom, Venomverse comic event, and a conspiracy about Gotham.

Meme of the Week

Pull List Picks

  • [36:09] Paklis #1 Dustin Weaver
  • [39:14] I Hate Image Skottie Young, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Catching Up On Comics is a discussion on all things Venom, Spider-Man’s villain of nearly 30 years and the many Symbiote spin offs. Steve’s Corner covers sweet rock concerts. Emails includes Superhero Car Salesmen, Batman Documentaries, One Piece, and Cosplay at Conventions! Thanks for listening!

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Secret Empire

The Slobs talk about the latest Comics! There’s iTunes reviews [6:40], Comic News [8:15], Meme of the Week [20:08], Pull List Picks [22:20], Steve’s Corner [48:35], E-mails [55:40], Secret Segments [1:07:15], all in this unorganized comic book podcast!

News is all about Netflix’s Defenders, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Free Comic Book Day and more!

Meme of the Week

Pull List Picks


  • [22:33] Secret Empire #01 Nick Spencer, Steve McNiven
  • [31:02] Green Lanterns #22 Sam Humphries, Ronan Cliquet
  • [40:00] Deadpool vs. the Punisher #1 & 2 Fred Van Lente, Pere Perez
  • [44:15] One Piece Eiichiro Oda

Plus we talk a lot about One Piece. Hope you enjoy all the secrets!

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Comic Slobs: 83 Is Tim Drake Deathstroke?!

The Comic Slob deliver another week of comic book news, comic reviews, secrets, rants and more comic book talk you expect during a weekly podcast. [2:35] We discuss the latest comic book news from Thor to Deathstroke and all the news in between. [2:35] There’s the Meme of the Week[33:48]. We review the latest comics during Pull List Picks [39:00]. Bad Comics [1:06:45]. We address mispronunciations during Emails [1:15:00]. Don’t forget the usual Secrets [1:29:50], thanks, and outtakes [1:41:15]!TimDrakeDEAD

During news we cover the story of Thor during Civil War [3:00]. The possible death of Tim Drake [7:34]. Rumors around the Dark Universe movie [12:27]. We discuss the Rouges vs. Flash during the upcoming movie [16:55]. Then we break down the Deathstroke teaser [21:29]. Will he be in Justice League or the Batman Solo movie?! Plus Secret News!DeathstrokeMovieLeak

Meme of the Week tries a new approach. The board of memes chooses a secret meme for this week.  What could it be? [33:48] We explore the secret underworld society that decides on the MEME OF THE WEEK


Pull List Picks

  • [39:15] The Punisher #4 Becky Cloonan, Steve Dillon
  • [45:40] Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #2 John Layman, Chris Mooneyham
  • [51:27] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #1 Paul Allor, Damian Couceriro, Ronda Pattison
  • [1:00:22] Afterlife with Archie #10 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Fracesco Fracaville 


Bad Comics [1:06:45] covers Avatarex #1 & #2 where the Slobs talk about Grant Morrison’s latest Independently owned title!


Emails is spent calling out fans who call us out. That’s right, a big “fuck you” to Old Man Schuette and Trevitt. That’s right, thanks for listening but don’t tell us how to put together a stupid podcast.

We also have secrets, plus a special track by Jeremy David Baker. Then a ton of outtakes. It’s a fun episode! Thanks for listening! contact us!

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Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Slobtendo 64

The Ancient One has given the Slobs the magical insight to cover every comic topic. We discuss the Dr. Strange trailer, C-3PO, and the lastest Meme Of The Week in News [8:02]! Moon Knight #1 and more during Pull List Picks [56:02]! Wolverine: Old Man Logan [1:14:40], Super Fight [1:40:14], Marvel TV [1:56:26], and even some secrets[2:33:25]!


We break down the Dr. Strange trailer? What’d we like, hate, and get excited about during the summer of trailers. Predator, Judge Dredd, and Alien meet up for an exciting crossover. We break apart Kevin Feige’s anouncements on anouncements. Discuss C-3PO’s arm. The Rock lays the smack down on Marvel. Plus our Meme of the Week!

DrStrangetrailerImage PredatorJudgeDreddAlien1 RockBlackAdam MemeoftheWeek414

Pull List Picks where we talk about our favorite picks from this week, or other weeks.

  • [56:02]Moon Knight #1 Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, Jordie Bellaire
  • [1:01:20]Dragonlance #1 Some stupid comic Greg talks about
  • [1:06:49]Hot Damn #1 Ryan Ferrier, Valentin Ramon

MoonKnight1 DragonLance1 HotDamn1

We take a quick, and sexy break, and then come back to Catching Up On Comics to talk about Wolverine: Old Man Logan.


The Slobs get a last minute E-mail about their favorite foods.

Our Guest Referee, Brendan, puts on one of the most epic Super Fight matches, with the Comic Slobs Super Fight Heavy Weight Championship Title on the line!AgentsofShield

Brendan talks Marvel TV with the Slobs, and we compare Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter to the Secret Warriors comic! And wind down with Brian’s Secret Segment, and Brind some Gears!