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The Slobs meet Scene It Cast Steve for a super-sized Slob cast. We talk about The Walking Dead, Invincible, The Flash, X-men Apocalypse, and then finally decide to start the show! We dive into News [28:00] with super hero video games from E3. Our MEME OF THE WEEK [58:18] is a butt-blasted masterpiece. The Pull List Picks [1:11:11] covers a whole lot of Image comics and DC Rebirth. Then a slew of E-mails [2:19:15], A Secret Segment [2:40:30] and finally an ending [2:47:20]



Pull List Picks!

We talk about Birthright [1:11:11] and other amazing Image Comics. Discuss how Descender [1:17:10] is the next great Sci-Fi space opera. Spread the cheer of Grant Morrison and Klaus[1:4:21]. Steve explains why Lazarus [1:31:43] should be on everyone’s ‘to read’ list. We digress into Y: The Last Man and Brian K. Vaughan’s other comics;┬áThe Last Stand, Paper Girls, and Saga. We rank the latest DC Rebirth titles starting with Titan’s Rebirth [1:54:13]. Discuss Green Arrow and Green Lanterns as we work our way into Justice League #50 [2:00:50]. Explain the latest on Superman [2:07:00], and his super son. Then close out with the crooked cop escapades of The Fix [2:15:30].

Birthright16 Descender12 Klaus6 Lazarus22 TitansRebirth1 JusticeLeague51 Superman1 TheFix

Emails included some awesome memes!


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