Shadow of the Colossus

The Slobs talk Colossus! Not just the mutant, but also, Shadow of the Colossus. It’s an unorganized comic book rant! Avengers Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Lucy Dreaming, Descender, and more!

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Detective Pikachu

The Slobs talk about random things. From Detective Pikachu, to John Cena and Watchmen, and even Santa Claus, or Klaus. We’re all over the place! X-men Gold, Paradiso, Klaus, and DC Holiday Special 2017 all during Pull List Picks.

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Batman & Robin: Eternal

The Comic Slobs unorganized rants! News [5:31] talk on the Green Lantern Corps movie and Nathan Fillion in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Meme of The Week[10:10] delivers a double dose this week. Picks of the Pull List [24:24] covers the latest Dr. Strange and more from this week. Bad Comics[50:50] we rip apart the Dark Knight III. Catching Up on Comics[58:29] is all about Batman & Robin: Eternal. We Share E-mails[1:17:22] and end on the Super Fight Smell in a Cell main event![1:38:30] After the end music is a bonus preshow talk on Talia Al Ghul, Flash Point, and title attempts

Meme of the Week

Memeoftheweek428   JonsMOTW428

Picks of the Pull List

DrStrange7 DrStrangeLastDaysofMagic RobinSonofBatman11 Saga36 EastofWest25 JusticeLeague49

  • Doctor Strange #7
  • Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic
  • Robin: Son of Batman #11
  • Saga #36
  • East of West #25
  • Justice League #49

Bad Comics – Dark Knight III: Master Race #4


Catching Up On Comics – Batman & Robin: Eternal

BatmanandRobinEternal1 BatmanandRobinEternal26

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