Comic Slobs: 84 Shocker? I Hardly Know Her!

The Comic Slobs are giving away comics! We address itunes reviews [1:10], giveaways [8:30], news [14:55], MEMES [40:25], Picks of the Pull List [46:34], Catching Up on Comics [1:36:00], secrets  [2:07:36] and more! That’s right. We’re offering up comics in exchange for iTunes reviews! We read the latest reviews and then explain what’s up for the giveaway!


In the News we discuss Stan Lee’s latest plans [15:20]. The Shocking set photos from Spider-Man: Homecoming of Shocker [17:38]! The latest images of Ghost Rider in the upcoming Agents of SHIELD [29:43]. Jason Mamoa as the Crow [31:56]. Then the latest news of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke [33:25]


MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - "The Ghost" (ABC/Jennifer Clasen) GABRIEL LUNA

Picks of the Pull List

  • [46:48] Moon Knight #6 Jeff Lemire, Wilfredo, Torres, Francesco Francavilla, James Stokoe
  • [57:10] Superman #6 Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz
  • [1:04:50] Green Lanterns #5 Sam Humphries, Robsan Rocha
  • [1:24:07] Batman: Detective Comics #939 James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows


Catching Up on Comics explains Todd McFarlane’s Spider-man: Torment [1:36:00] series, and Doctor Strange: Death of Magic [1:53:00]