Civil War Comics

The Comic Slobs cover Civil War comics! We haven’t seen the movie yet, but we go on for a long time about every issue and tie-in about Civil War. Seriously it’s a long one. Catching Up [7:30] We get to our brand of News [2:07:30] covering the latest on DC Cinema and Marvel news. Plus a whole lot of E-mails [2:42:00]


Catching Up On Comics is all about Civil War. We break down every issue of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s 2006 Marvel Crossover event. We explain the Road to Civil War, the tie-ins, the goofy books going on that were unrelated. It’s a time capsule. We have a great time talking all about this comic event.


We eventually get to news. We cover the latest DC rumors on the Aquaman movie, and talk about Marvel’s Netflix scenario with the recently announced Punisher series.

We cover our Meme of the Week. Here’s our pick:


If you submitted your own Meme of the Week, we’ll be sharing them on the Comic Slobs Facebook page.

We cover a whole lot of emails! Talk about comic crossovers for Frasier and Friends, Secret Segments, and a whole lot more.