Manga Slobs: Episode 3 Boobies!

The Manga babes are back to talk about their favorite manga and anime! Cami and Ksenia return to cover the manga News [6:00], a new Meme of the Week [29:00], Pull List Picks of manga [44:30], Catch up on My Hero Academia [1:43:00], Emails on Anime [2:18:00], Super Fight! [2:45:00], secrets and more! It’s a jam packed extra long manga special!

During News we cover topics like the upcoming One Punch Man dub, Attack on Titan season 2, Bleach’s eventual ending, and of course Pokemon Go!

We have a special MEME OF THE WEEK event. No “Meme-ologist” means we can handle the fun stuff. Congrats to Aaron Claude Miller for bringing us another Meme worthy of the week.


Ksenia also educates us on the world of Linked In Memes

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Pull List Picks

  • [44:30] SNK – Attack on Titan
  • [59:15] One Piece
  • [1:23:15] Shokugeki no Soma
  • [1:33:00] Berserk

Catching Up On Comics covers My Hero Acadamea

Emails takes on Guyver, Hunter X Hunter, Boku dake ga inai machi (Erased), and more! Then the girls square off with a Super Fight that shares the theme of the episode. We get the first ever Ksenia’s Secret Segment. Then finally wrap up this super sized special.