A Comic Carol

The holidays are upon us, so Ryan calls upon his Slob neighbors to deliver a holiday episode during the heart of the holidays. We talk Thanos, Venom, Fantastic Four, Spawn, Superman, and more!

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Detective Pikachu

The Slobs talk about random things. From Detective Pikachu, to John Cena and Watchmen, and even Santa Claus, or Klaus. We’re all over the place! X-men Gold, Paradiso, Klaus, and DC Holiday Special 2017 all during Pull List Picks.

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Wonder Woman

The Slobs are tied up in a lasso of truth about Wonder Woman!

We share iTunes Reviews [4:15],

Review Wonder Woman [8:30],

Catch up on Wonder Woman comics [1:00:50],

talk Comic News [1:10:10],

Meme of the Week [1:16:55],

share your Emails [1:19:45]

and end with a Secret Segment!

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Sex Criminals

Let’s talk about Sex! Criminals! In this extremely explicit episode the Slobs share their brand of Comic News [4:50], Meme of the Week [28:50], Catch you up on Sex Criminals [31:05], Tell you about the latest comics in Pull List Picks [1:00:21], Steve’s Corner [1:24:12], E-mails [1:31:52], Secret Segments and Special Thanks!

During News we discuss Super Bowl Commercials! The latest spots for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Logan, Stranger Things, Iron Fist, and Teen Titans: the Judas Contract. We also talk fans petitioning for Zack Snyder to direct The Batman. And Safe Words, It’s a theme this episode.

Meme of the Week Greg teaches us about Prequel Memes, or Star Wars related memes

Catching Up On Comics

Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Pull List Picks

  • [1:00:35] Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern #1 Robbie Thompson & Justin Jordan, Barnaby Bagenda
  • [1:05:40] Teen Titans #4 Benjamin Percy, Khoi Pham & Wade Von Grawbadger
  • [1:10:36] Invincible #132 Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker

Steve’s Corner talks about a concept album based around Spawn. Emails discusses video games, heroes, villains, and sexuality. Brian gives a secret segment before we all wash up and give thanks.

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Comic Slobs: 77 Punk Rock Jesus

The Comic Slobs talk Pokemon before getting into News [4:05], Memes [23:50], Pull List Picks [30:00], Catch you up on Punk Rock Jesus [42:30], and talks movies with the crew of Speed Racer: Behind the Wheel [1:09:20]. There’s a couple e-mails [2:11:35], before we wrap up another Slob-tacular special.

Frank Cho is up to trouble again, as he departs Wonder Woman. We also talk more about Suicide Squad and Hot Topic. Plus we tease an upcoming review on Six Flag’s Battle of Metropolis 4D Experience.

MEME OF THE WEEK      This Week we talk classic meme. The story of internet fans writing letters to Blade himself. Letters such as:   snipes_1 snipes_2 snipes_3

Pull List Picks

  • [30:45] Punisher #3 Becky Cloonan, Steve Dillon
  • [36:30] Snot Girl #1 Brian Lee O’Malley, Leslie Hung
  • [40:28] Head Lopper #4 


Catching Up On Comics – Punk Rock Jesus Sean Murphy


We talk with the creators of Speed Racer: Behind the Wheel. Check out their work at www.speedintothemoon.com or on Youtube. We talk about their film, Speed Racer, and upcoming movies like Suicide Squad.


We also take on a couple e-mails before closing out the show! contact us at ComicSlob@gmail.com, @Comic_Slobs on twitter & instagram. Facebook.com/ComicSlobs and review us on Itunes. We’re also on Stitcher!

New look coming next week! Thanks to Roo! Speed Racer: Behind the Wheel creators Joey, Sam, Norm, CJ, Steve, Zak and Josh for the e-mails, and whoever manages to listen to this.

ComicSlobs077PunkRock ComicSlobs077PunkRock2 ComicSlobs077SpeedRacer


Scene It Slobs


The Slobs meet Scene It Cast Steve for a super-sized Slob cast. We talk about The Walking Dead, Invincible, The Flash, X-men Apocalypse, and then finally decide to start the show! We dive into News [28:00] with super hero video games from E3. Our MEME OF THE WEEK [58:18] is a butt-blasted masterpiece. The Pull List Picks [1:11:11] covers a whole lot of Image comics and DC Rebirth. Then a slew of E-mails [2:19:15], A Secret Segment [2:40:30] and finally an ending [2:47:20]



Pull List Picks!

We talk about Birthright [1:11:11] and other amazing Image Comics. Discuss how Descender [1:17:10] is the next great Sci-Fi space opera. Spread the cheer of Grant Morrison and Klaus[1:4:21]. Steve explains why Lazarus [1:31:43] should be on everyone’s ‘to read’ list. We digress into Y: The Last Man and Brian K. Vaughan’s other comics; The Last Stand, Paper Girls, and Saga. We rank the latest DC Rebirth titles starting with Titan’s Rebirth [1:54:13]. Discuss Green Arrow and Green Lanterns as we work our way into Justice League #50 [2:00:50]. Explain the latest on Superman [2:07:00], and his super son. Then close out with the crooked cop escapades of The Fix [2:15:30].

Birthright16 Descender12 Klaus6 Lazarus22 TitansRebirth1 JusticeLeague51 Superman1 TheFix

Emails included some awesome memes!


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