Slob Shorts – Civil War #1

In this specialized shortened Slob show, Ryan talks about Civil War #1, the beginning of the Marvel event from 2006, by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.


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The Button

The Slobs talk comics; from Aliens: Dead Orbit, Super Sons, Batman and more! We share iTunes Reviews [5:06], Comic News [10:07], Meme of the Week [18:40], Pull List Picks [21:41], Steve’s Corner [42:53], Emails [46:20], and a Secret Segment before we end.

News covers the upcoming Doritos bags playing Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 soundtrack songs, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite the upcoming video game, Jeff Goldblum, and The Miz wanting to play Booster Gold.

Pull List Picks

  • [21:57] Shaolin Cowboy #1 Geoff Darrow, Dave Stewart
  • [26:11] Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 James Stokoe
  • [29:55] Super Sons #3 Peter Tomasi, Jorge Jiminez
  • [34:41] Batman #21 Tom King, Jason Fabok
  • [39:36] The Flash #21 Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter

Steve’s Corner is about Jason Todd and the Red Hood, while Emails covers Fantastic Four, Ultimate Marvel, and Super Hero Uber drivers. Thanks for listening.

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