Bags of Money

The Slobs are back with another money making episode. The Scrooge McDuck of comics are at it again, sharing iTunes reviews [2:14], Comic News [9:50], Meme of the Week [19:56], Pull List Picks [24:10], Emails [46:00], and a Secret Segment.

The Slobs read your iTunes reviews. Wether you like us or not, drop us a review, and we’ll gladly read it on this show.

The Slobs talk about the latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. The latest casting for Deadpool 2 gets discussed. Then Brian talks rumors for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Meme of the Week

Pull List Picks

  • [28:33] American Gods #2 Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russel, Scott Hampton
  • [35:00] Titans #10 Dan Abnett, Brett Booth

Emails covers everything from Green Lantern, to 2k Secret Segments, X-men controversy and more! It’s a rough show to do without our sidekick. Thanks for listening!

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