Hail Hydra


Sabotage has struck the slobs! We recorded for an hour and then realized the mixer was not connected. So we re-deliver reviews on Rebirth! We discuss the end of DC’s New 52 with Justice League #50. Plus favorite books like Legacy of Luther Strode and Southern Bastards. There’s plenty of e-mails, as well as Itunes reviews. Stick around after the credits for all the terrible audio of great rants.

Pull List Picks [4:25] and later at [1:34:00]


With a week off we’ve had plenty of E-mails and Reviews [22:38] that have piled up. We have a great time reading these and making fun of each other for the mess of this episode. There’s a secret segment [51:15], some thank yous, and what seems like the end of a usual episode…

[1:02:35] starts the terrible audio of attempt number one. High Quality rants in low quality audio. The Slobs talk about their weekend at ACEN, and get even more in depth on News [1:10:20] and get real loud about Pull List Picks [1:34:00]. take it or leave it. Slobs out.


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