Comic Slobs: 77 Punk Rock Jesus

The Comic Slobs talk Pokemon before getting into News [4:05], Memes [23:50], Pull List Picks [30:00], Catch you up on Punk Rock Jesus [42:30], and talks movies with the crew of Speed Racer: Behind the Wheel [1:09:20]. There’s a couple e-mails [2:11:35], before we wrap up another Slob-tacular special.

Frank Cho is up to trouble again, as he departs Wonder Woman. We also talk more about Suicide Squad and Hot Topic. Plus we tease an upcoming review on Six Flag’s Battle of Metropolis 4D Experience.

MEME OF THE WEEK      This Week we talk classic meme. The story of internet fans writing letters to Blade himself. Letters such as:   snipes_1 snipes_2 snipes_3

Pull List Picks

  • [30:45] Punisher #3 Becky Cloonan, Steve Dillon
  • [36:30] Snot Girl #1 Brian Lee O’Malley, Leslie Hung
  • [40:28] Head Lopper #4 


Catching Up On Comics – Punk Rock Jesus Sean Murphy


We talk with the creators of Speed Racer: Behind the Wheel. Check out their work at or on Youtube. We talk about their film, Speed Racer, and upcoming movies like Suicide Squad.


We also take on a couple e-mails before closing out the show! contact us at, @Comic_Slobs on twitter & instagram. and review us on Itunes. We’re also on Stitcher!

New look coming next week! Thanks to Roo! Speed Racer: Behind the Wheel creators Joey, Sam, Norm, CJ, Steve, Zak and Josh for the e-mails, and whoever manages to listen to this.

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