Comic Slobs: 83 Is Tim Drake Deathstroke?!

The Comic Slob deliver another week of comic book news, comic reviews, secrets, rants and more comic book talk you expect during a weekly podcast. [2:35] We discuss the latest comic book news from Thor to Deathstroke and all the news in between. [2:35] There’s the Meme of the Week[33:48]. We review the latest comics during Pull List Picks [39:00]. Bad Comics [1:06:45]. We address mispronunciations during Emails [1:15:00]. Don’t forget the usual Secrets [1:29:50], thanks, and outtakes [1:41:15]!TimDrakeDEAD

During news we cover the story of Thor during Civil War [3:00]. The possible death of Tim Drake [7:34]. Rumors around the Dark Universe movie [12:27]. We discuss the Rouges vs. Flash during the upcoming movie [16:55]. Then we break down the Deathstroke teaser [21:29]. Will he be in Justice League or the Batman Solo movie?! Plus Secret News!DeathstrokeMovieLeak

Meme of the Week tries a new approach. The board of memes chooses a secret meme for this week.  What could it be? [33:48] We explore the secret underworld society that decides on the MEME OF THE WEEK


Pull List Picks

  • [39:15] The Punisher #4 Becky Cloonan, Steve Dillon
  • [45:40] Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #2 John Layman, Chris Mooneyham
  • [51:27] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #1 Paul Allor, Damian Couceriro, Ronda Pattison
  • [1:00:22] Afterlife with Archie #10 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Fracesco Fracaville 


Bad Comics [1:06:45] covers Avatarex #1 & #2 where the Slobs talk about Grant Morrison’s latest Independently owned title!


Emails is spent calling out fans who call us out. That’s right, a big “fuck you” to Old Man Schuette and Trevitt. That’s right, thanks for listening but don’t tell us how to put together a stupid podcast.

We also have secrets, plus a special track by Jeremy David Baker. Then a ton of outtakes. It’s a fun episode! Thanks for listening! contact us!

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Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style