Shadow of the Colossus

The Slobs talk Colossus! Not just the mutant, but also, Shadow of the Colossus. It’s an unorganized comic book rant! Avengers Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Lucy Dreaming, Descender, and more!

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Slobtendo 64

The Ancient One has given the Slobs the magical insight to cover every comic topic. We discuss the Dr. Strange trailer, C-3PO, and the lastest Meme Of The Week in News [8:02]! Moon Knight #1 and more during Pull List Picks [56:02]! Wolverine: Old Man Logan [1:14:40], Super Fight [1:40:14], Marvel TV [1:56:26], and even some secrets[2:33:25]!


We break down the Dr. Strange trailer? What’d we like, hate, and get excited about during the summer of trailers. Predator, Judge Dredd, and Alien meet up for an exciting crossover. We break apart Kevin Feige’s anouncements on anouncements. Discuss C-3PO’s arm. The Rock lays the smack down on Marvel. Plus our Meme of the Week!

DrStrangetrailerImage PredatorJudgeDreddAlien1 RockBlackAdam MemeoftheWeek414

Pull List Picks where we talk about our favorite picks from this week, or other weeks.

  • [56:02]Moon Knight #1 Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, Jordie Bellaire
  • [1:01:20]Dragonlance #1 Some stupid comic Greg talks about
  • [1:06:49]Hot Damn #1 Ryan Ferrier, Valentin Ramon

MoonKnight1 DragonLance1 HotDamn1

We take a quick, and sexy break, and then come back to Catching Up On Comics to talk about Wolverine: Old Man Logan.


The Slobs get a last minute E-mail about their favorite foods.

Our Guest Referee, Brendan, puts on one of the most epic Super Fight matches, with the Comic Slobs Super Fight Heavy Weight Championship Title on the line!AgentsofShield

Brendan talks Marvel TV with the Slobs, and we compare Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter to the Secret Warriors comic! And wind down with Brian’s Secret Segment, and Brind some Gears!