A Comic Carol

The holidays are upon us, so Ryan calls upon his Slob neighbors to deliver a holiday episode during the heart of the holidays. We talk Thanos, Venom, Fantastic Four, Spawn, Superman, and more!

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Iron Fist

The Comic Slobs channel their chi to chat about Iron Fist! We share iTunes Reviews [2:40], talk Netflix’s Iron Fist [6:10], Catch up on Immortal Iron Fist [32:08], News [47:33], Meme of the Week [53:12], Pull List Picks [57:10], Steve’s Corner [1:13:08], E-mails [1:16:45], and a Secret Segment!

The Slobs have Spoiler Steve on to talk Iron Fist! We discuss what we’ve seen and what we think of the Netflix series so far. Then we discuss our favorite Iron Fist comics.

News talks about the teasers for the upcoming trailer for the upcoming movie, Justice League!

Pull List Picks

  • [57:33] Underwinter #1 Ray Fawkes
  • [1:00:20] Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #16 / #17 Robert Venditti, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Tomeu Morey
  • [1:06:16] Unworthy Thor #5 Jason Aaron, Oliver Coipel

Steve talks about 90’s trailers, we have e-mails about X-men, Spawn, and Star Wars. Plus a Secret Segment before we wrap up.

Check out Spoiler Steve on Scene It Cast, and Iron Fist, both available on iTunes, stitcher, sound cloud and more!

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