Suicide Squad

The Slobs sing and squash scenes from Suicide Squad and stay in squalor. There’s Suicide Squad reviews [7:05], easter eggs [1:22:15], and all sorts of rants and rabbit holes pertaining to the latest DCU movie. We explain Suicide Squad comics during Pull List Picks [1:29:00]. There’s News [1:52:00] about Suicide Squad, Captain Marvel, and Aquaman. Meme of the Week! [2:00:25] Emails [2:06:10], Itunes reviews, and, the climatic ending!

13987276_10102658202598088_1554729162_oThe Slobs share their experience of Six Flag’s latest 4D experience, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! Who’s the best Slob Super hero?

We break down Suicide Squad. Who Liked It? Who Hated It? We discuss the best moments, characters, easter eggs, and news moments from the last 2 years of Suicide Squad.

Pull List Picks is full of Suicide Squad Comics

  • Suicide Squad – Trial by Fire John Ostrader, Luke McDonnell
  • Suicide Squad #1 – New 52 Adam Glass, Federico Dallocchio
  • Harley Quinn #1 Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti



We fall back into movie talk before getting to NEWS! [1:52:00] The Slob News team goes into the field to report on Die Antwood’s beef with David Ayers, Brie Larson’s exciting preparation for Captain Marvel, and Aquaman movie news.


Meme of the Week!SuicideSquadMOTW



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