Comic Slobs: 82 Forever Evil

The Comic Slobs sinister style strikes again with News [2:43] on Netflix’s Luke Cage, This Week in Memes [6:12], Pick of the Pull List [12:20], Catching Up with Forever Evil [33:45], Bad Comics [1:15:35], Emails [1:25:23] from listeners, Secret Segments [1:45:10], and more unorganized comic book rants!

MEME OF THE WEEK travels back to the days before memes, to a classic Super Bowl commercial, that was satirized by Scary Movie, paved the way for memes to come.


Pick of the Pull List

  • [14:50] Rick and Morty #16 Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill
  • [18:23] Kingsway West #1 Greg Pak, Mirko Colak, Wil Quinta
  • [21:00] Titans #2 Dan Abnett, Brett Booth
  • [25:23] Exodus: The Life After #7 Joshua Hale Fialkov, Gabo, Ashley Erikson


Catching Up on Comics covers the villainous event of Forever Evil. Geoff Johns writes the story of a DC world ran by a villainous Justice League known as the Crime Syndicate. Only Lex Luthor, and a team of rag tag villains that stand alone can bring down the threat that has already toppled our Justice League. Art by David Finch, Richard Friend, and Sonia Oback, this crossover is an instant classicof Silver-Age fun meeting the grim tones of current comics.ForeverEvilvillain


There’s Bad comics, Emails, Secret segments and funny extras after the end music. thanks for listening!

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