The Slobs talk about their favorites! News about Fantastic Four returning to comics! Then the Slobs share their favorite comics, past and present! Plus memes and corners and unorganized rants!

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The Breisners 2016!

The Comic Slobs present the second annual Breisners! The prestigious comic book awards ceremony, recorded at the Slobdome, constructed on the site of last year’s Breisners. The Slobs discuss their favorite comics, movies, video games, and more from the year of 2016. It’s a long and ridiculous episode that rivals the year it’s reviewing.

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Luke Cage

The Slobs have a power-packed podcast about Power Man and more! It’s almost time for the big Give Away of the Slob Stash. Drop us a review on Itunes to be entered in a drawing for some of our comics! The show starts with Itunes reviews [1:40]. Comic News [10:37] covers the latest Wesley Snipes tweets, Justice League movie news, and more. The a shocking Meme of the Week [26:38]. Netflix’s Luke Cage is discussed [29:05] with spoilers after [43:00]. Pull List Picks [1:04:14] is where we discuss the latest comics and review them. Then we end the show with e-mails [1:32:00]

News covers

  • Mark Millar wants John Cena for Superior movie [10:37]
  • Wesley Snipes Making America Blade Again [15:02]
  • Justice League news and Zack Snyder’s cosplay [16:57]
  • Wolverine’s next movie, Logan, gets a billboard and release date [20:10]
  • James Stokoe to do an upcoming Aliens comic [21:21]
  • Death of X, Multiple Man in Memoradum [22:55]

makeamericabladeagain zacksnyderbatmanarm

The Slobs break down the unbreakable Luke Cage series on Netflix [29:05] They rate, review, and discuss easter eggs, with spoilers taking place after [43:00]


Pull List Picks

  • Moonshiners #1 Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso [1:04:30]
  • Triggerman #1 Matz, Jef [1:08:50]
  • Saga #38 Brian K Vaughan, Fiona Staples [1:16:38]
  • Archie Meets Ramones #1 Alex Segura & Matthew Rosenberg, Gisele Lagace [1:22:22]


Then we take on e-mails with comic questions, video game call backs, and calling memes into question. Thanks for listening and contact us at ComicSlob@gmail.com. Twitter and Instagram @comic_slobs and find us on facebook too!

Comic Slobs: 86 Crawl out from the Fallout

The Slobs serve up a savage, super-sized special with returning guest, Brendan. The Comic-Book-Giveaway-for-Itunes-reviews continues with more of your Itunes reviews [1:55]. We talk about the news surrounding Justice League and the Batman upcoming movies [5:54]. The Slobs review the video game Fallout 4 and all the DLC [23:30]. There’s reviews of weekly comics in Pull List Picks [1:36:10], and Catch You Up on Planet Hulk [2:20:45]. We read E-mails [2:42:59] from the listener before wrapping up the podcast.

News covers petitions on Shia Labeouf [5:54], pictures of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon [11:06], rumors on Geoff Johns and the upcoming Justice League movie [13:08], and Marvel’s upcoming event pitting Inhumans against X-men [15:38].


Meme of the Week is another throwback of sorts. [19:37]


The Slobs go deep into Fallout 4 [23:30], covering the DLC, and previous Fallout and Elder Scrolls games


Pull List Picks

  • [1:36:10] Seven to Eternity #1 – Rick Remender and Jerome Opena
  • [1:51:11] Rick & Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar #3 – Sarah Graley, Mildred Louis
  • [1:57:45] Trinity #1 – Francis Manapul
  • [2:15:21] Superman #7 – Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason


Catching Up On Comics [2:20:45]

Planet Hulk – Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, and more!


Emails [2:42:59] is full this week with questions, memes, praise, and everything you’ve come to expect from this show, but served up by you! Thanks to those that e-mailed in, and you can reach the Slobs at ComicSlob@gmail.com, We’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch! Review us on iTunes for a chance at our comics! or find us on Stitcher and Google Play. Thanks for listening!

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style

Awesome comic bubble retro text. Pop art style