The Slobs talk about their favorites! News about Fantastic Four returning to comics! Then the Slobs share their favorite comics, past and present! Plus memes and corners and unorganized rants!

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Robin: Reborn

The Comic Slobs go down many a rabbit hole and rant about the Justice League movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Robin: Reborn comic and more! The Slobs share iTunes reviews [2:55], News [7:27], Meme of the Week [24:40], Catching Up On Comics [26:15], Pull List Picks [41:40], Steve’s Corner [49:00], Emails [58:05], Secret Segments [1:20:44] and more!

The Slobs follow up with their thoughts on the Justice League trailer. Joss Whedon is rumored to direct the Batgirl movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming spoils us with another trailer. Plus C2E2 is near!

Catching Up On Comics is about Robin: Reborn! The story of Tim Drake becoming Robin and his early hardships.

Pick of the Pull List

  • [42:30] Wrestlemania 2017 Special #1

Steve’s Corner talks about It, the upcoming movie based on a Stephen King story. We share e-mails from you, the listener. We talk about must-own Trade Paper Backs for your shelf, Best man speeches, and hyper-violent stories. Plus secrets, phone calls, and more!

Comic Slobs 100 Kingdom Come

The Slobs have returned for the epic 100th episode! After swearing in the returning Slob Supreme, we go over Comic News on Ben Affleck’s Batman movie and more DC News [7:35], Meme of the Week [21:35], We Catch Up on the comic Kingdom Come [29:00], then there’s Steve’s Corner [1:22:22], Emails [1:31:00], Secret Segment, and wrap up this grand opus.

News covers the latest on Ben Affleck’s the Batman, The leaked reviews about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Marvel and SquareEnix teaming up for an Avengers video game, and we briefly talk about the latest Logan trailer.

Meme of the Week

Catching Up On Comic

Kingdom Come by Mark Waid & Alex Ross

There’s some gifts shared as Ryan shares his trip to Tate’s Comics down in South Florida. Then we debut a new segment Steve’s Corner. Steve discusses what it’s like to get into comics, the great time and the disappointments.  We take on all the E-mails that piled up while we were away on vacation. We talk toys, comic crossovers, emojis and more! Plus, Secret Segment! 

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