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That’s right chumps and chumpettes, your badass, totally cool, radical new Comic Rebels are here for another ride while integral members of the Comic Slobs are on vacation.

We got another VERY well organized and NOT thrown together show that you are gonna love, or else! You want timestamps? Too bad! You want pictures? Google it!

You want to call any of the Comic Rebels stupid assholes? Comment on this post or Facebook, or address concerns to with Comic Rebels in the subject, we’ll read your email and then call you a stupid asshole too cause we are X TREME

We talk about some comics:

Island #14: The Crime of Iron – Troy Nixey

Avengers Monsters Unleashed –¬†Jim Zub & Sean Izaakse

Spiderman Avengers Unleashed –¬†Joshua Corin & Tigh Walker

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe – John Lees, Nick Pitarra, Felipe Sobreiro

Your meme’s a fuckin good one, not like that shitty Slob Meme of the Week. This one has some GOOD shit

Slobs Vacation ends this week so this will be your last dose of Comic Rebels. Get it while you can, ya hoser!