Comic Slobs: 85 Preacher

The Comic Slobs praise the good book of Preacher! There’s our usual brand of News [14:35]. Memes [24:00]. Catching Up On Comics [30:00]. Emails [2:00:00]. and finally an ending and outakes!

It’s a light News week. Fox plans to make a Stan Lee movie [15:07]. Alan Moore told Vulture about his hatred of comics [18:40]. Then Tactical Batman graced the internet [21:18]. Then, the Pepe met Politics in Meme of the week! [24:00]


It’s all about Preacher during Catching Up On Comics. We talk the first 3 volumes of Preacher. Origin story, Angelville, The Grail. as much as we can reckon. We even compare the AMC series to the comic. It’s a fun time. Thanks to Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon for creating such an amazing comic series.


There’s an email from a reoccurring Cutie. Plus we wrap up with Thank yous and hidden clues. Thanks to Jeremy David Baker for the end music. Next week, Fallout 4 with a special guest!

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