Comic Slobs: 62 Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman V Comic Slobs! The Slobs review the World’s Finest super hero flick and the comics that tie into it. For the first hour we talk about our favorite scenes, characters, and pieces of the major motion picture. Catching Up on Comics [57:00] is all about Superman/Batman, World’s Funnest, Batman/Superman, and Superman Red Son. [1:38:00] We cover the News around Rebirth and the announced creators. There’s an email [2:05:30], and secret segment, before we wrap up another divisive episode.


Comic Slobs: 61 Daredevil and Punisher

The Slobs are Franking excited to talk about Daredevil Season 2! Be Punished by our in depth review of the series, and the comics we relate it to. Catching up on comics [50:12] we talk about Frank Miller’s “Roulette,” as well as the Devil in Cell Block C, and Omega Effect. Netflix and Comics from the Slobs you love. Plus a healthy dose of News [1:11:25]!

Comic Slobs: 60 C2E2 Day 3, Sunday

It’s Day 3 of C2E2, the shortest day with the longest episode! The Joe Schmo Comic Show and the Comic Slobs go head to head in Super Fight! We talk about the amazing panels, signings and purchases we experienced at C2E2. We share our experiences with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Cami’s anime and cosplay day, and Derek’s obsession with Carnage. What an amazing weekend! Huge thanks to Pop Culture Leftovers, The Joe Schmo Comic Show, Gigabit Bacon, C2E2, Reed Pop, and everyone for joining us on this fun weekend!

The Comic Slobs: 60 Cherry 2 E 2 Day 2

It’s Day 2 of C2E2, and we’re busting this cherry! The Slobs, Joe Schmo Comic Show, and Pop Culture Leftovers explain the fun chaos that is the busiest day of the Con. What Cosplays did we see? What’d we buy? What creators really made our day? Cherry 2 E 2, Day 2, just had it’s cherry popped!

Comic Slobs: 60 C2E2 Friday

the Slobs are joined by Jared Gafford of the Joe Schmo Comic Show alongside Brian and Jake of Pop Culture Leftovers for the first installment of the Convention Crossover epic! We just returned from C2E2 and everyone shares what they found and saw. It’s a rambunctious recounting of ridiculousness at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

Comic Slobs: 60 C2E2 Preshow

It’s the night before C2E2, and all of the boys, are eager to reminisce, and make stupid noise. The Slobs share their favorite convention moments from Chicago’s Comic and Entertainment Expo. We review Turn Coat, the latest miniseries from Boom! Then catch you up on Green Lantern. Subscribe and keep listening as we have more C2E2 coverage to come throughout the week! Plus, outtakes after the end song

Comic Slobs: 59 Surfs Up

The Slobs are excited to cover all the news from Captain America : Civil War to Supergirl. There’s a sick Greg coughing through the show. We discuss The Immortal Iron Fist series [1:05:10] as well as The Wicked + The Divine [1:21:07]. Take on an astonishing e-mail, and who knows what other secrets?

Comic Slobs: 58 Rebirth #1

The Comic Slobs are starting over with Rebirth! Brian, Greg, and Ryan are off to a rough start. Things are getting over, and someone forgot to iron their shirt. We quickly get into the news on Rebirth, Batman V Superman, Netflix’s Iron Fist, and Civil War. We cover Justice League #48 in our Pull List Picks. We Catch Up on JLA Earth 2, and Garth Ennis’ The Pro. There’s a couple emails, and a birthday surprise. Stick around for some after credits comedy.

Comic Slobs: 57 Deadpool

The dudes deliver a diabolical discourse on all things Deadpool! Deadpool Movie Review [5:40]. What’d we like? What easter eggs did we notice? What’s in store? We continue the ongoing Super Fight Federation story [53:49]. Catching Up On Comics [1:08:09] We dig through Ryan’s long boxes to discuss decades of Deadpool. There’s a secret segment right before we end at [1:30:21]

Comic Slobs: 56 Thursday Night Tandem

Friday Night Fandom’s Jon tries to drive the Comic Slobs batty! Joined by our sidekick, Steve, the Slobs review this week’s comics, and Batman: the Killing Joke, but still make time for Super Fight! and your reviews! We talk about the latest Deadpool and Batman V Superman during News, and catch you up on Gutter Magic and Spider-man / Deadpool!

News [17:06] Pull List Picks [48:05] Bad Comics [1:28:48] Super Fight [1:36:45] Batman: The Killing Joke [1:45:38] Emails [2:00:36] Thanks [2:05:47]Bonus! [2:10:43]


  • Edge of Oblivion #2 
  • Manhattan Projects #4 
  • Batman & Robin Eternal #19
  • the Dark & Bloody
  • Batman #49
  • Gutter Magic
  • Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3
  • Spider-Man/ Deadpool #1&2