Comic Slobs: 055 Brand New Brand Different

It’s an all new start and the crew talks Ted Cruz, Deadpool News, Doctor Strange reviews, & a Super Fight bruise. Mike is back in the Slob Cave. We have News about Deadpool [7:41], The Flash running into Supergirl [20:48], and CW’s upcoming series Riverdale [23:45]. Reviews on 18 Days [29:25], Lone Wolf 2100 [33:58], Doctor Strange #5 [39:30], Swamp Thing #2 [58:12], & Klaus #3 [1:03:22].

Super Fight![1:07:55]             Emails![1:13:40]            Secrets! [1:30:45]

Outros! [1:31:30]                and more![1:34:53]

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