Comic Slobs: 57 Deadpool

The dudes deliver a diabolical discourse on all things Deadpool! Deadpool Movie Review [5:40]. What’d we like? What easter eggs did we notice? What’s in store? We continue the ongoing Super Fight Federation story [53:49]. Catching Up On Comics [1:08:09] We dig through Ryan’s long boxes to discuss decades of Deadpool. There’s a secret segment right before we end at [1:30:21]

Comic Slobs: 56 Thursday Night Tandem

Friday Night Fandom’s Jon tries to drive the Comic Slobs batty! Joined by our sidekick, Steve, the Slobs review this week’s comics, and Batman: the Killing Joke, but still make time for Super Fight! and your reviews! We talk about the latest Deadpool and Batman V Superman during News, and catch you up on Gutter Magic and Spider-man / Deadpool!

News [17:06] Pull List Picks [48:05] Bad Comics [1:28:48] Super Fight [1:36:45] Batman: The Killing Joke [1:45:38] Emails [2:00:36] Thanks [2:05:47]Bonus! [2:10:43]


  • Edge of Oblivion #2 
  • Manhattan Projects #4 
  • Batman & Robin Eternal #19
  • the Dark & Bloody
  • Batman #49
  • Gutter Magic
  • Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3
  • Spider-Man/ Deadpool #1&2

Comic Slobs: 055 Brand New Brand Different

It’s an all new start and the crew talks Ted Cruz, Deadpool News, Doctor Strange reviews, & a Super Fight bruise. Mike is back in the Slob Cave. We have News about Deadpool [7:41], The Flash running into Supergirl [20:48], and CW’s upcoming series Riverdale [23:45]. Reviews on 18 Days [29:25], Lone Wolf 2100 [33:58], Doctor Strange #5 [39:30], Swamp Thing #2 [58:12], & Klaus #3 [1:03:22].

Super Fight![1:07:55]             Emails![1:13:40]            Secrets! [1:30:45]

Outros! [1:31:30]                and more![1:34:53]