Comic Slobs: 54 Look Who’s Talking Now!

The Comic Slobs are joined by Aaron Claude Miller of Nerd Porn for another week of ridiculous rants! We discuss League of Legends, the latest from DC, Marvel, and Image, including the upcoming Hanna-Barbera comics. Reviews for Cry Havoc #1, Strayer #1, Old Man Logan #1, and East of West #24. Superfight, and another new game, Look Who’s Talking Now!

Comic Slobs: 53 the Joe Schmo Comic Slobs Show!

The Comic Slobs are joined by Jared Gafford of the Joe Schmo Comic Show for another week of rambunctious reviews! We discuss Jared’s upcoming comic, Renegade. Battle for the Super Fight Championship belt! Argue about Suicide Squad, Jessica Jones, Civil War, as well as this week’s comic reviews! Kingdom Bum #2, Poison Ivy #1, Silver Surfer #1, Astro City, Deadpool, Free Comic Book Day, and your e-mails!

Comic Slobs: 52 New You 52!

It’s a New Year, New You, but the same old sloppy Slobs. We’re joined by our good friend and local rocker, Brendan. Brian takes you on a tour through Multiversity.  We review this week’s comics, have a comedy corner, and get to some news and an email.  Check out for more! Secret Wars #9, Descender #9, Weirdworld #2, Huck #3, and more!

Comic Slobs: 51 the Breisners

Every once in awhile an award show comes along that changes how we enjoy awards shows. It’s THE BREISNERS! That’s right, the pinnacle of podcast award shows. The night the entirety of the comic book community has been waiting for. An awards show like none other before it! Best Comic! Best Artist! Best Movie! Best Dick in a Comic! and more!

Comic Slobs: 50 Gene

The Slobs have Gene in the studio this week. they review Jughead, East of West, Justice League, Rumble, Injustice, and Chewbacca. Then they ramble on about the latest T.V. and Movie news. Deadpool movies, Captain America: Civil War, and Star Wars. Plus questions from our listeners. Happy New Year! [party]