Comic Slobs: 45 Jessica Jones

The Slobs have tossed together a Thanksgiving sized turd-ducken. This smorgasbord serves up talk on Captain America: Civil War trailer, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, Alias,  Rat Queens, Invincible, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: Master Race,  and plenty of stupid stuffing. Show up for the meal of comic reviews, stick around to hear our embarrassing poop stories.

Comic Slobs: 44 Fallout 4

It’s all about Fallout 4! Ryan hams it up to sound like Three Dog. Nick joins us to discuss the latest Bethesda game. We reminisce about Fallout 3, and New Vegas. We even get to comics eventually. Emails, Greg rants about Millar in News, we review Huck #1 and Spider-Woman #1 and digress back to Fallout all the time. Unedited Super Size Video Game Slob-tacular

Comic Slobs: 43 Walking In A House

The Slobs pack up and move out of the Slob-cave. We tell you how each of us organizes our comics, catch you up on the Walking Dead comics, discuss all of #DCtv, plus the tried and true Pull List Picks of the Week! Secret Wars, Descender, the Goddamned, Darkseid War, Infinity Gauntlet, and more!

Comic Slobs: 42 Could Have Been Dave Chappelle

The Slobs are finally back, but cut us some slack. Greg’s a little sick, but he’s dragged himself into the cave to join our returning guest, Steve! We catch you up on our time off, some silly News from the last two weeks, and take on another fun E-mail that leads to some Nick at Night talk. We review Batman & Robin Eternal, We Are Robin, Hercules, Paper Girls, and Klaus! The latest exhausting X-men comics, and more ROBIN!