Comic Slobs: 41 I Haven’t Seen It

The Slobs slap together another sub par production. This week they take on Fox News, your iTunes reviews, and this week’s comics… toos? Cami joins us to talk about Back To The Future, Invincible, Tokyo Ghost, and Justice League. Plus rants on video game spin offs, KFC ads, Boob Talk, and more! Next week off, will return in November!

Comic Slobs: 39 Two Stupid Dogs

Come chill with the Comic Slobs as this cool combo collects another week of comic reviews. Jughead, Southern Bastards, Secret Wars #6, All-New All-Different Marvel, Doctor Strange #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #1. Ryan talks about Arkham Asylum, and Brian poses a tough question for the fans.

Comic Slobs: 38 Darkseid War

The Slobs are at each others’ throats. Brian gives us the best intro ever, Greg reveals his new nickname/website, and Ryan is a grumpy bitch all night. Listen to these neanderthals attempt to entertain with nonsense they know nothing about. Harvey Awards, Watchmen TV series, Mark Millar, Marvel Movies, League of Legends, Justice League, Darkseid Wars, Ghost Racers, Kaijumax, and more! National Podcast Day!