Comic Slobs: 37 Car Talk With Nick

The Slobs start off in a low gear, but quickly rev up to break neck laughs and right off the road! Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine talk, Secret Wars recap, Rumble, Nameless, the Spire, Manhattan Projects, Rat Queens, and of course Car Talk! with Nick!

Comic Slobs: 36 Double Slob Power Hour

The Slobs are fashionably late with the latest Comic Book reviews and rants. Recovered from the recent power outage and ready for the many e-mails to respond to. Y: The Last Man, Chrononauts, Tokyo Ghost, Space Riders, Bizarro, Secret Wars and more. 

Comic Slobs: 35 The One With Steve

The Slobs have a special guest on, Steve, and their sordid slander is even more caustic this week! There’s rage about Totally Awesome Hulk, reviews of this week’s comics, and we talk all about Robins, Arkham Asylum, Punisher, and more!


Marvel, Image, DC, Red Hood and Arsenal #4, All-Star Section Eight #4, Bitch Planet #5, Legacy of Luther Strode #3, Giant Size Little Marvel #4, Head Lopper #1, Batman #44, and more!

Comic Slobs: 34 George Lucas Mystery

The Slobs attempt another unplanned episode, and once again we’re all over the place. There’s epic e-mails from you! Rants on the latest news from Marvel Studios and Totally Awesome Hulk. Weekly comics such as Daredevil, Plutona, Future Imperfect and We Stand on Guard. The first Video Game Slob review. Plus way more in this long, sloppy, Ewok infested episode.