Comic Slobs: 007 Silk Goes to Court

The Comic Slobs tell all about another week in comics! The Slobs rant about May’s upcoming books. They cover this week’s top books including Justice League #39, Uncanny X-men #31, Rumble #3, Bitch Planet #3, the Multiversity: Mastermen #1, Loki: Agent of Asgard #11, MPH #5, Batman & Robin #39, and Silk#1. The first ever Comic Court sees the boys go to trial over Silk #1. The Slobs review Invincible #117. 

Comic Slobs: 006 Thor’s Your Word

The Slobs are back to their usual shenanigans! We cover the HUGE SPIDER-MAN NEWS! Our first fan e-mail segment! Thor special! Review of Thor #5. We cover Thor: God of Thunder vol 1 and 2 in our Top of the Pile talk. By Odin’s Beard! this is the worst episode yet!

Comic Slobs: 005 The View

The Comic Slobs call out the ladies of the View! Upset with the current state of comics, the slobs rage out about upcoming DC and Marvel Comics, before turning their rage inwards. The Comic Slobs nearly break up. They find coming ground in ripping apart this week’s Superman and Avengers issues. But will they survive their final confrontation with the Demon of Unread Comics?

Comic Slobs: 004 Batman and the Court of Slobs


  1. We’ve got some Marvel news on upcoming Secret Wars titles, We’ll talk about our Pull List Picks, Then we’re gonna throw our batarangs back to the begining of the New 52 with Batman: the Court of Owls and the Night of Owls tie-in, and then Review Snyder’s newest Batman #38 and how they all tie together.